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What is a Bandwidth or Download Limit?

Do a lot of customers go over the set limits?

No. Fewer than 10 percent of our high speed Internet users go over the transfer limits


— It is unlikely an average user would exceed the bandwidth usage included with their plan with just web site browsing and using email.

— The majority (more than 80%) of our customers will never be contacted regarding usage overage.

What is a bandwidth usage meter?

Bandwidth usage is similar to water for the Internet; it is the amount of data moving through the pipes of the Internet. Your faucet to turn on and off bandwidth is a browser, email client or similar applications used to access the Internet.

Why does Tele-Media meter bandwidth usage?

We do not meter bandwidth usage to increase profits, but we do it to keep rates down for the average Internet user. Usage metering allows us to invest in a network that gives the few high-end users the consistently high performance they demand without charging the average users for their bandwidth. We know our bandwidth usage meter is the best way to maximize value for all customers.

What happens if I go over the amount of bandwidth usage included?

You will be contacted either by phone or email. Most often, usage is exceeded because of malicious activity including viruses, Trojan programs, spyware, or a neighbor using a customer’s Internet though an unsecured wireless router. We will work with customers to help secure their bandwidth. We will work together to find out what is causing the overage and making sure you are subscribed to the level of internet that best meets your needs for the price.

What do you charge for bandwidth usage?

Each level of Tele-Media’s Internet has a set amount of bandwidth usage included. You may buy additional bandwidth in advance at the following prices:

· 50 GB for $25.00 per month

· 100 GB for $50.00 per month

Or, it may be more economical for you to move to the next level of service and enjoy the increased download speeds.needs for the price.