Cable Services

Basic Cable

  • Full Basic Service – $73.25

Digital Cable

  • Digital Converter Box – $4.95
  • Digital Access Service – $7.00
  • Digital Basic Service* – $12.50
  • Digital Extra – $5.50

Highlights of Digital Cable

More Channels

Tele-Media Digital Cable uses advanced technology that allows us to expand the number of channels we can offer! With choices like Discovery Kids Channel, Discovery Science Channel, The Independent Film Channel, ESPNEWS and more, Tele-Media Digital Cable has something for everyone! View the Digital Channel Line-Up for the System in your area.

Multi-Channel Premium Services

Tele-Media Digital Cable offers multiple channels of premium services. Purchase your favorite premium channel and receive the additional screens for FREE! You’ll be sure to find the movie, concert, sporting event, or original series you’ve been looking for—and with multiple start times, you can choose a time to watch that fits your schedule!

Tele-Media Digital Cable also offers a variety of different premium packaging deals that allows you to combine multiple premium services for better pricing. The digital premiums to choose from include:

• Showtime/The Movie Channel
• Cinemax
• Starz/Encore

More Control

The on-screen interactive guide means total control and it’s easy to plan your viewing in advance. The Navigator gives you a one-stop source for information about what’s on Tele-Media Digital Cable. Plus the Navigator gives you more than just program information. Using your universal remote control, you can perform many useful functions including:
• View Channel Listings
• Search for specific programs by time, by channel, by title or by program type
• Lock out unwanted channels using the Parental Control feature
• Set electronic “Reminders” so you won’t miss your favorite shows
• Select the channels that are your favorites and set them for faster scrolling
• Order Pay-Per-View Events and Movies
• Quick access to the Digital Music Channels
• Receive messages right on your TV screen about program changes, special promotions or important information about your service from Tele-Media Digital Cable


*Digital Converter and Digital Access required for this service


Forget going to the video store! Now you too can enjoy the biggest blockbuster movies with the biggest stars. You don’t have to pick it up, you don’t have to return it, you don’t even have to get off the couch. Watch them right in your livingroom in high quality digital picture and digital sound with Tele-Media’s Pay-Per-View service. Movies and events are offered with convenient start times which makes it like having your own in-home video store!

Digital Music

Digital Music gives you commercial-free, DJ-free, CD-quality music that you can listen to on your TV or through your stereo! And you’re sure to find a music format that’s just your style—channel choices include Hottest Hits, Alternative Rock, Modern Country, Jazz Vocal Blends, Lite Classical, and more!